Forget Brangilina… its Jenni poo tying the knot…plus Navarro and Carmen on the rocks plus Ryan Reynolds is HELLA HOT

Ignore the kazillion smut sites that are chatting about Brad and Angelina and their “I DOs” at Clooney’s Italian Villa today. Smut King, Perez Hilton, is telling us to focus on Jen and Vince instead. Or as he calls them… Vaughniston. He’s claiming that they are the ones that will secretly wed today at the Big O’s house. Please spare me. I have lost all respect for Vaughn, as it is, for hooking up with that cow… PLEASE don’t tell me he’s actually going to marry her. And isn’t he pissed that his girl won’t show herself in public with him?

Looks like Dave Navarro can’t have it all. While he’s set to take the stage again as the host of Rock Star 2… he’s telling the world that his marriage to hottie Carmen Electra is on the rocks. Why? Gossip or Turth reports they rarely get any quality time together because of work. Isn’t that what you guys signed up for? Oh well… guess they’ll still have their fame to fall back on. They’re both doing pretty good right now. Still, I hope these two can keep it together.

And I leave you today with a link to the hottest pics I’ve seen in a long time!! Vancouver boy, Ryan Reynolds, is Mens Health’s centerfold in their next issue. Follow the link to the rest of the spread, thanks to Dlisted.

On a side note: how the hell did Alanis capture this man’s heart? He could have anyone and he choose her??? I just don’t get it. And what’s the hold up on their wedding? They’ve been engaged for eternity. What are they waiting for? (a trial separation perhaps?)

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